Is it Safe to Get Adjusted While Pregnant?

This is always the first and most important question when it comes to this topic. Thankfully our Randour Chiropractors are specially trained for adjusting pregnant clients. You don’t have to worry, we won’t be adjusting anything near or around your belly. We have a specific procedure for pregnant patient’s joints and spine that is not invasive. Having a child can be a stressful time. It is important to make sure that your joints and posture are properly aligned during this developmental stage.

What are The Advantages of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy?

There are several physiological changes that happen to women during pregnancy for their developing baby. These changes, when unchecked, can at times misalign the spine and cause pelvic changes. These changes can actually hinder the baby’s environment by reducing the amount of room for the baby. This is called the intrauterine constraint. The reduced room can make it more likely for the mother to need a c-section.

By receiving our care you’ll have many benefits to your health including:

  • Controlling nausea symptoms
  • Maintaining a healthy pregnancy
  • Reduced labor time
  • Relieving joint and back pain
  • Preventing a cesarean delivery

If You are Still Unsure, Ask Your Healthcare Provider

Consider these options with them, and ask about the benefits chiropractors can provide, and if this service is right for you. More and more women are receiving chiropractic care during pregnancy and health care providers are looking for trained doctors in their area to refer people to. Above all else it is important to support your body’s health functions and assure that you have the safest pregnancy possible.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any more questions about this service. We are always standing by to help out mothers in need!